Resin to Wax :

A journey of Self Discovery 

It all began..

When I committed full time to my work back in 2016, this was when I first fell in love with Epoxy Resin. I would watch surf board shapers build and glass their boards, I was mesmerized by the vibrant colors and fluidity of the medium.

Over the years I experimented and studied resin as a medium for my art. I eventually came up with my technique for sculpting realistic landscapes and layering tinted resin to complete each seascape. 

Over time..

Resin proved itself a great medium to use in my work.  I found myself drawn to the crystal clear nature of the material and its capacity to portray the depth of the ocean accompanied by its glassy smooth finish.
 Resin's ability to transition from fluid form to a solid state made it a great way to create movement in my work.


I couldn't ignore..

Conflicting feelings that grew overtime.  For all resin is amazing for, and the beautiful end product, there were questions I couldn't get out of my head.  How am I affecting my health while working with  synthetic/manufactured chemicals?  Am I being cautious enough?  How can I reduce my waste and the creation of microplastics?  Am I contributing to the environmental issues I want to help solve for?

(Coming Soon) learn more about the safety precautions I would take and advice I would give to other artists working with resin.

These questions led me to..

Encaustics.  While revisiting this medium that I studied during my time at SDSU, I realized I could continue my current series while alleviating all the concerns I stated earlier.  This is through the ancient process of molten bees wax and tree sap.

click here to learn more about the fascinating history of the medium.